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The dramatic future of Water! A few facts!

Worlds surface

Only 3 percent of the worlds surface is drinkable.

Fresh Water

Fresh water is becoming a rapidly diminishing resource.

Access to clean water

Already most people do not have access to clean water.


What do we do when the water runs out?


Good Life - Drink it! - Live it! - Feel it!
Good Life

There is no fresh water. When groundwater was contaminated, that was the beginning of the end. Now, in the year 2160, the world is calm, despite the fact that the rainfall is lethal, crops do not grow, oceans are a corrosive mixture of salt and acid, and one is always fearful of being caught in a chemical storm swirling with powerful methane gasses. People are for the most part, calm because "Good Life" makes you feel calm, happy, wonderful, even energetic, and beautiful. It is the most perfect drink ever created.

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